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Persuasive Thesis Statement

thesis statement

It is important that the research paper have a solid thesis statement. It is because of the fact that the thesis sentence serves as the very idea of the research. Without it, there is nor real reason why one should be writing a research paper. Therefore, you must know how to write a persuasive thesis statement.

If one were not familiar with thesis statement, he would think that it is simply a sentence. However, there is more meaning to it than it seems. The thesis sentence serves as the reminder of what the paper is all about. It serves as the main idea that will be the centerpiece for all the discussions in a certain article. Usually, the sentence is simply a flat statement. However, it can also be in assertive tone. This is the ideal thesis because if one will assert an idea, he knows that it is valid and true. Therefore, there is a reason to do research because he has to convince the readers that the thesis is acceptable.

However, there are also some other styles that you can do to your thesis statement. This is by modifying it to become a persuasive one. A persuasive thesis statement is also a good thing because it immediately presents the idea to the readers. In addition, it provides the reason for the reader to see the proof of the writer in the research pages, it is because the audience would like to see the proofs and evidences to the claim of the writer. How can we write a quality thesis statement?

First of all, you have to make sure that you know the basic parts of the thesis sentence. There are only three of them so it should not be too hard for you. Let us start with the topic scope. Some people also call it the “write an essay in an hour”. This is your main topic of interest. Your scope should be the only thing that will give the research paper a sense of discussion. Next, you should write the opinion. It should not always be a personal opinion. It can also be something that you wish to claim as valid. Afterwards, you can write the course or pattern of writing. This is the last part of the thesis sentence that will give structure to your paper.

What other characteristics should a persuasive thesis statement have? You must have a very specific topic. It should not have an overlapping set of subjects. The thesis sentence must be simple but clear. Lastly, it should be written in the introduction paragraph or chapter to serve as the direction of discussion.

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