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Creating a Thesis Report

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It is quite a daunting experience to write a thesis paper. For first time writers, this means producing a good topic, a thesis statement that works and doing research. But one thing that you should also be able to do is to present a thesis report. This is a very important phase in writing a research paper. It is also the same as doing a thesis defense. You need to convince the panel or the adviser that your thesis is worth reading. How can we write a thesis report and what are the contents that it should have? Here are some of the most common things that you need to include in the paper.

The first part of the thesis report should be the introduction. This is the segment where you need to provide the reason why you have selected a particular topic. The introduction also provides the main scope of the topic and where the research process will go. In most cases, the intro also contains the very thesis statement of the research. But you can always separate it in another line of the report.

The next part of the report is the methodology. This paragraph contains some explanations as to how you acquired the data for your research. As you know, you can also use other resource materials. In this case, it is important that you can present where you have acquired such references. Although you can do the experiments on your own, it is still a good thing that you can rely on other materials to establish your results. The second part of the methodology should also involve the analysis done to the data.

In the report, you also need to provide details on how you established the literature review. This is the way to make the topic more significant. If you can provide the review of other documents, then you are simply telling your readers that other people have already done research on the same topic that you have. Therefore, the review must involve details on what you have learned form other resources and materials.

What else do we need to include in the thesis report? You also need to provide the initial results of the research. Although you cannot have the full conclusion results of the paper in the report, you still need to present some assumptions and realistic guesses in the report. This way, the audience will have an idea whether you have successfully conducted research or not.

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