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Control Thesis

Thesis writing requires you to concentrate on doing research and then writing the results in chapters. However, most beginners in the field of research are not familiar with the necessary steps to do it. That is why you need a control thesis. The thesis that we refer to as the control is simply a sample or a guide in nonprofessional’s term. This means you can rely on the material so that you can also apply the same quality to your paper. This is very effective especially for starters. With a good control, you can perform well in writing since you have a reference guide. In any case, you still need to learn to write the chapters of the thesis paper. Here, we will give you the basic details about each chapter of the paper.

Abstract. This is the first page of the research paper if you will discount the cover and the table of contents. The main reason why you need to include the abstract is to provide an overview of the research contents. Therefore, it should only be short with about 300 to 500 words. Simply present the general details for each chapter in the abstract.

Introduction. The part that explains the main agenda of the thesis. it should also reflect why the author has chosen a given topic. Moreover, it must have the thesis statement and the problem statement. The introduction page gives the reader some pointers what to expect in the project. Therefore, it should also work on enticing the readers to dig further.

Literature review. This chapter is a review of different articles and research papers. It is necessary to review external documents to affirm the importance of the given topic. With a good set of resource materials, one can realize that the topic is important and there is a certain benefit in reading the paper.

Methodology. The chapter that gives the paper more value. It explains the researchers way of doing the research. The part should have explanations on how he acquired data and what analysis methods he applied to it.

Data and Analysis. This part is actually composed of three segments. The data presentation in the form of graphs, tables and pictures, the data analysis that will contain numerical values from analysis using statistics and the interpretation in sentence form.

Lastly, the thesis paper should have a conclusion. This part summarizes everything that you have produced out of the research. You should also provide the solution to the problem statement in this segment.

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